Write Elder Bailey

Elder Bailey would love to hear from you!  Send all letters to the Mission Office address (below) and they will be forwarded on to him.

Elder Spencer K. Bailey
Taiwan Taichung Mission
498-11 Wu Chuan Road
Taichung, 404-46 Taiwan


3 responses to “Write Elder Bailey

  1. Jennifer

    Looking forward to reading your adventures there. Make sure you take lots of pictures (of the food especially LOL!). Good luck!

  2. Angela Robison

    I was looking for Spencer’s address and this blog is perfect! Thank you!

  3. Sharon Gubler

    26 January 2013

    Dear Spencer:

    The last thing we want is for our family missionaries to feel sad and lonely. I hope you are not one of these. If so, I’m sorry I haven’t been more diligent in writing to you. I have 2 grandsons on missions, and a granddaughter soon to be going to the Texas Houston South (English-speaking) mission. I try to write to them on a weekly basis (haven’t missed yet – knock on wood :o), so perhaps, I can send you a letter as well! You have another cousin, Rachel, out on a mission too. I’ll add her name to my list also. My problem is, I don’t know which mission she’s in. Maybe, you could help me.

    So, have you added up all those wonderful baptisms you’ve been a “party” too? I hope you’ve had many! I know you’re scheduled for some time this summer (June/July) to come home – about the same time some of our Ward friends are scheduled. You probably aren’t looking forward to that event as much as you look forward to your next baptism!

    Just to let you know, I have read the entire New Testament before Christmas 2012 (in about 3-months time)! I was glad I did! Our Stake President asked us to read the 4 Gospels. When I got done with that, I saw that I was over halfway done with the New Testament and decided to go ahead and finish the entire book!

    My computer keys seem to be sticking (or something) while I try to write. Needless to say, it’s very frustrating! It keeps leaving letters/spaces out. I can’t take it any longer, so I’m going to quit here! I hope you have a good day and lots of luck with the baptisms! :o)

    Love ya’…..Aunt Sharon

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