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90. Jungle Adventure – 27 May 2013

Ok I have a few minutes got to make this quick!

Last week we went bush-whacking in the jungle! It was really cool! We saw all these crazy intense spiders! Probably 10 different species!

We found all these amazing families out of our area book this week! We pulled up to one of these families and all these little kids came running out yelling “zhanglao! zhanglao!” (Elders Elders) These little kids were so excited to see us! Apparently missionaries hadn’t been there in years but these kids loved the messages and feelings we brought! This gospel is all about families! I was definitely reminded of that this week!

We had tons of families come to English this week and we tripled our program out here in Puli!

The Lord is with us, we are happy and we are seeing miracles!

I love you with all of my heart!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey
















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88. Last Area – 13 May 2013

Well, my new preparation day is now officially Mondays!

I am in Puli with Elder Green! He actually went to Orem High School and is an incredibly humble and dedicated missionary!

Wow, from the second we got here to Puli, we have just started seeing miracles and meeting amazing people!

My time is about out, but know I love you and we will talk next week!

– Elder Bailey

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87. Open Road – 10 May 2013

Hello my dear family!

Oh my, this week has been CRAZY! We got 19 new missionaries and I was answering questions like crazy for Elder Forbes (my replacement in the office) so he can be ready for the next crazy big group of 30 missionaries! Our mission has increased by 30% since President Monson’s announcement lowering the age for missionaries.

Anyway, it sure kept Caitlin fresh on my mind! I am so excited to skype with you all tomorrow and find out where she is going!

I had a great birthday this past week! Mom, thank you so much for your package! We had a big Cinco de Mayo party with all the office elders and we had burrito bar! We had breakfast burritos, Cafe Rio pork burritos, and Elder Alan even tracked down 3 different kinds of beans! So that was very fun!

Well, it is crazy it has been a good 7 months in the office! This Monday I move somewhere new! I will find out tonight so I will tell you tomorrow! 😀

Check out this picture of my last Dan Jones night in the office!

I love you all! Wish you a wonderful week!

– Elder Bailey





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86. Thanks – 3 May 2013

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I love you all so much! I am out of time but here is some fun pictures! Continue reading

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