85. Stay in the Light – 27 Apr 2013

My dearest family! Did you know I love you all SO SO much! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! The next two weeks I will be finishing training Elder Forbes and then be back out in the streets! YAY!

I had two experiences that really made me think this week!

The first was a really good friend of mine showed up at the office and told me he had volunteered to be a short term missionary! He was found by Elder Cox, one of my good friends in Gaoxiong. I was able to do this young man’s baptismal interview and we became really good friends! He told me about how the missionaries asked him if he could come help out and be a missionary for 3 weeks and he dropped everything and came! Wow, it was an example to me of preparing to serve ALWAYS! I will send a picture in another email!

The other was we went out to the Taiping Bat caves this morning with President Bishop! Wow, that was so crazy! It was this little hole you climb into and there are just tons of bats! We went in and it was so incredibly dark. We had only brought one flashlight and a cell phone for 4 people. So as we moved through the tunnels, sometimes you would get left behind from the light. It showed me the value of staying within the light of the gospel! Without it, we do not have the warnings of the path ahead! Always remember the little things, just like our little light guided the way in the darkness!

Stay in the light,

– Elder Bailey


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