83. When Thou Art Converted, Strengthen Thy Brethren – 13 Apr 13

Hello my Dearest Family!

Wow, conference was great! Granted I have only seen Saturday (we are a week behind everybody), but I heard some wonderful talks! I particularly liked Elder D. Todd Christopherson’s talk about peace! What a great topic! I loved his story of his son gathering at the stake center to find peace! That just really hit me!

This conference I had the chance to watch it with a really great new friend named Miguel! Miguel was recently baptized in Taipei and is from Germany! He is such a remarkable man! He is a very accomplished businessman, Venture Capitalist, Psychologist, professor, and professional triathlete! Since being baptized in February this was his first conference and he came and watched it with us! In between sessions we went out for Sushi together. That was the second time I had eaten it in my life, and it was a lot better this time! 😀 I actually kind of liked it!

I really respect Miguel because of his conversion story! He tells a powerful story of reading the Book of Mormon with specific questions in mind. As he read, he realized truth he had lacked for nearly 30 years in the Catholic church! He described the peace he found in life through the Book of Mormon just as Elder Christopherson described!

One of the things I respected most about his conversion story was that the first thing he said when he saw us was, “Can you get me a Chinese Book of Mormon? I have a friend I need to share it with.” I found it interesting his choice of words that he “needed” to share this message!

I personally know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. I have recently been reading in Alma 20 where Ammon meets King Lamoni’s father. I noticed this pattern also in Lamoni that he needs to share the gospel and his conversion strengthens those around him. If you didn’t notice from conference, the missionary work of the church rolls forward and if you haven’t “caught the wave” now is a good time! I urge each of you “when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren!” (Luke 22:32)

I love you each with all of my heart! May God speed!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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