81. I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Stengthens Me – 30 Mar 13

My Dearest family hello!

Wow this week was full of adventure I think the only way to do it justice is a daily play by play!

Sunday – Continuing the weekly tradition of making dinner for the office on Sunday night I decided it has been way too long since I have eaten Cafe Rio. So check out the picture of our Cafe Rio Pork Salad night! (Sister Bishop lent me her crock pot)

Monday – We had our weekly staff meeting and went around getting keys and delivering furniture for the last 4 apartments we had to open and getting ready to get TONS of new missionaries.

Tuesday – Split the office into little teams and went from new apartment to new apartment setting up all the new furniture. We also stopped in at Carrefour (it is like the Walmart of Taiwan) and bought everything you would need to live in a house and delivered it!

Wednesday – Started off pretty normal until the office started shaking and and I had this really weird sensation like I was surfing. It took a second to register we were in an earthquake. In elementary school when you do the practices they always play the screaming crashing music and teach you to jump under your desk, but it wasn’t quite like that. It was kind of like this peaceful swaying back and forth and a couple books would fall off the shelf. We went outside and got to watch a couple of skyscrapers swaying back and forth. We had been hit by a 6.1 earthquake that centered out of an area right next to Mingjian (my old area). All our missionaries were okay, but quite a few of our apartments have damage and we are working with the landlords to fix cracks in walls and broken windows. The best part was they turned off water for 24 to 36 hours depending where you live. The other fun part is that night our new missionaries arrived!

Thursday– Welcomed 22 new missionaries. Most of them fit in the 18-19 year old category It is really weird to have so many really young missionaries. We did training, took them out to lunch, and did Dan Jones (that activity where you stand on the stool in the night market and testify).  During Dan Jones it started raining typhoon style but we kept them going! Oh man it was such a blast!

Friday – Worked with some shipping companies to ship all the new missionaries’ luggage to 22 different locations across Taiwan, which is easier said than done! Most notable was I became a grandpa! Elder Edwards is training Elder Mayo! Make sure to check out the 3 generation pic!

Saturday – Our ward mission leader just got married! Everyone has waited for this for such a long time so we helped all this morning and sang a musical number for the reception! Weddings are insane here! They go ALL out! It was really fun because a ton of returned local missionaries came back for it so I got to see a ton of good friends!

This week with all that going on, our car navigation system broke and having to take damage inventory on all our apartments really was a big challenge to pull it altogether. This week was a testament to me that, Yes! I can do hard things!

This week was a personal testimony to me of the power of prayer and relying on the Lord. My dear friends and family, I testify of the power of prayer. Even if in the toughest moments we are not released from our trials, we can gain the peace and motivation to face our trials with increased drive, devotion, and strength!

I love you all – pray always!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey



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