80. Happy Office – 22 Mar 13

Hello Family,

SAM_7030We had some great times getting everything set up for new missionaries! This week, we were booked out each day of the week to make it all happen! All our other projects have been put on hold. We had a ton of contracts signed for new apartments but the landlords only let us move in a week or two before the contract starts. So we got all the keys for 3-4 apartments and went to town trying to fill them! We have some fun pictures of fitting an entire house into an elevator, and then setting up tons of the furniture we bought from our Ikea contracts! Super fun! This week I shipped nearly 1.7 tons of furniture across Taiwan!

Thank you so much for your Easter package! That pistachio pudding has been the joke of the office. It kept getting stolen from off my desk so Elder Darrington jokingly one day stole it back and stuck it in the safe “because it is such a valuable commodity!” I was out of the office most this week driving all around Taiwan and when I came back he forgot he put it there! I was so sad that my pistachio pudding was lost, but then we found it when we went to get some more money! I thought it was pretty funny so I took a picture to show you!

I had some good friends come visit me this week! I had taught them in Dakeng and they had kept meeting with missionaries and gotten baptized! It is really fun to go over to the church Thursday night and look into the institute classroom and see it full of my recent converts and less actives that I had the chance to meet and build lasting friendships with! The gospel just illuminates these dear peoples’ lives! I love it! I live for it! I can testify of the peace, relief, and love that comes from sharing the gospel with others!

One last thing that is super interesting is that the missionary department has selected some missions to try out a policy change and they chose our mission. They have changed the policy about emailing where we can email both family and friends now. So if someone asks you for my email you actually can give it to them and I can email them now.

Thank you for your prayers and love!


-Elder Spencer K. Bailey




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