79. Adventures of a Missionary – 16 Mar 13

Dear family!

Wow this has been an insane week! We have been so so busy! Here are some key things that happened this week:

1. English training:
We once again trained on English! This program is becoming a very influential baptizing tool in Taiwan. Our missionaries are super excited and fired up about it. The whole plan and goal was to double our program and baptize families! We are well on track and had to raise our goals for the doubling because we are almost doubled just one month into the launch! It was really fun to see the whole mission and get to do some trainings and arm our missionaries with the skills to bring more souls unto Christ! In Beiqu, one of the old programs I worked with, they are looking at having 5 baptisms in the next 2 weeks from English! So for a whole two days we were driving around the island getting ready then doing the trainings for the whole mission!

2. 冰 Bing
After the English training in Gaoxiong, President Bishop let me take our team of trainers to get bing. Bing is a huge bowl of shredded ice cream with stuff on top! Since it was in my old area in Shizhong, we took them to visit one of the less-active members I rescued who owns a bing shop. He hooked us up with this huge mango bing!

3. This whole week we have been opening apartments to get ready for all the new missionaries coming on the 26th! Elder Hu had to sign contracts in Taichung so Elder Hoer and Elder Alan (the new assistant) came with me. We left super early Friday morning and drove 3 hours south to Gaoxiong. One of the exciting things we did is we signed a contract with Ikea to furnish a bunch of our apartments. They are giving us some discounted rates and we are buying a bunch of mattresses, couches, tables, and chairs from them. We got to test out every single mattress in Ikea to decide which ones to buy, which was pretty fun! After that, we took all the stuff and put together more Ikea stuff than we could ever want; we completely furnished two apartments. We got the one in Gaoxiong done and had to go to Pingdong (the southern tip of Taiwan) to get another one ready, so we slept over. Since today was our P-day we got to play around in Pingdong before coming back up.

4. We went to Kending!
Kending is super famous in Taiwan for its beaches and everything. So, we went exploring for a couple hours at some coral rocks by the ocean and got to see the very southern tip of Taiwan. So it was pretty adventurous. The pictures will speak for themselves!

I LOVE YOU ALL! I hope you have a wonderful week!

– Elder Spencer K. Bailey

3.16.13 3

3.16.13 Alan

3.16.13 Bing elders

3.16.13 coral beach

3.16.13 Dream

3.16.13 English Training Celebration

3.16.13 Hoer and Bailey

3.16.13 Ocean



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