76. With Love – 22 Feb 13

Hello to all the people I love!

This has been a great week full of some great things! I decided to just give you a photo tour of it all:

Mission Photo 2.18.13– Mission Meeting with Elder Evans (Executive Director of the Missionary Department) and President Watson (The Asia Area President)

I was privileged to sit down and meet them both and their wives as they toured the office. I had the chance to ask them a couple of questions and it was a really valuable experience to be with them both! Elder Evans in his instruction shared about the fire of missionary work. He said, “Never in my life have I seen such a visible and responsive result by the youth of the church as has happened with the missionary announcement by President Monson.” While he put the figure of increased missionaries to be hitting our mission by June I can affirm that it is happening much sooner than that. One of my responsibilities as Operations Manager is organizing all the apartments for our missionaries. My companion and I cannot open apartments fast enough for all the new missionaries we are getting at the end of March! It is super exciting!

2.23.13 42.23.13 2– The baptism of Jackie and David. (we went to eat 冰 after the baptism. It is a bowl of shaved ice with tons of toppings on top, kind of like the ultimate snow cone)

We had two of our good friends Jackie and David baptized on Saturday. Many of our members attended and it was a big baptism! They both bore powerful testimonies of change through the atonement!

2.23.13 5I was absolutely amazed at the changes that have come over David. As a matter of fact one week after his baptism he just called me a few minutes ago telling me he went with the ward to the temple in Taipei. Even though he didn’t have a recommend yet he went with them just to see and tour the visitors center! They are two great investigators! More exciting is they are a piece of the success story of the English program! They both met the church through coming to English and studying in the beginning English program!

2.23.13 6– President Chen the 2nd councilor in our Mission Presidency and avid golfer took us golfing and gave us private lessons!

– Handyman

2.23.13 3I still laugh of a story mom once told me that came down to the point that I needed to develop some maintenance skills so that “if the girls don’t find you handsome, they will at least find you handy.”  This week while building some shelves I learned how to cut metal from a missionary who had grown up working in factories in china. So I put my new skill to cut off an old lock that we lost the key to on a bike that was stolen but returned because the churches name was painted on to it!

– Palm tree Jungle

2.22.13As we went to the southern tip of Taiwan to sign some contracts for houses we are going to start renting for our huge group of misisonaries that are coming we drove through this area in Pingdong that had “Binlang” palm trees for as far as you could see! It was really pretty, and while getting away from the big city reminded us we are serving on a tropical island!

-Law of the Harvest

2.23.13 1A bunch of winter mangos were getting ripe in President’s mango tree so we decided we ought to help him pick some! haha! we climbed up and used this makeshift coy pond skimmer to catch mangos as we shook them off the branches of the tree! They were super fresh and absolutely delicious!

Life is good in Taiwan! I love you all! I know the Lord is mindful of us! That was very clear to me by the visit from Elder Evans and President Watson. Do not forget the strengthening power of prayer that is offered to each of you every day!


-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


2.23.13 1

2.23.13 2

2.23.13 3

2.23.13 4

2.23.13 5

2.23.13 6

Mission Photo 2.18.13


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