66. Lights, Gifts, and Christ – 14 Dec 12

My Dearest Family,

Hello! It is so good to once again have another Saturday where I can talk with my family! Wow, the time flies by even quicker here in the office!

This week was quite adventurous We had another group of new missionaries come to our mission! It was really fun to get to work with them! When new missionaries come it is one of our more busy times, but really great to have their excitement and enthusiasm! It give a huge boost! I have learned a lot about video editing! We had some big video projects that we redid for these new missionaries! They take a ton of time but it is really fun putting together productions that lead others to Christ.

I got to do something really fun this week that I never dreamed I would be doing on my mission. We have been having some problems with some of the bikes we order for new missionaries. We are kind of sick of working with all the breaks and low quality bikes, so we have been looking at switching bike suppliers. Back in Dakeng, I met a man who became a good friend who owns a small bicycle manufacturing company. We went to him with some ideas and he is putting together the next generation of missionary bikes for Taiwan Taichung missionaries. As we sat in their warehouse talking about parts, designs, durability, and warranties, I just stopped and looked around for a second and thought, “Wow, I am negotiating bike contracts in Chinese.” It was really exciting to do something I love so much and be able to do it for missionaries at the same time! So that was really fun! Here is some pictures of my friend’s store.

I wanted to thank you so much for the package!!! I really enjoyed that! I have to admit I kind of opened it half way. Well okay, all the way, but I didn’t open any of the wrapped packages. It took a lot of self control to put them under our tree, but they are there. Here is a picture to prove it! I truly loved each of your cards! They are hanging on my fridge!

This week we had our English activity. We did it all about Christmas and we put on a nativity for our students. I realized all those years of doing the nativity on Christmas Eve when I didn’t really want to, was just practice for when I could once again perform it for 100 non-Christian English students in Asia. As we read the nativity from the scriptures and acted it, our our students had lots of questions about the story. I realized how much I had taken for granted, just growing up with a knowledge of the birth of Christ! It was truly humbling! Take a moment to go read the story once again, see if anything different hits you!

Mom, here is some food pictures for you to prove I am eating and I am eating healthy! 😀

Well I love each of you and hope your week is going good! Sorry, I am a little short on time this week! But I would love to hear back from each of you!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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