65. For Our Day – 8 Dec 12

My dear family!

Hello, hello! The holiday times are upon us and life gets busy, exciting, and stressful. But don’t forget the most important reason for this time of year, namely our Savior, Jesus Christ! A while back I was studying in the Book of Mormon and I came across some Isaiah chapters. Rather than speed reading it, I slowed down and tried to internalize it. Having been written by Isaiah in the spirit of revelation, I truly tried to seek for the meaning of it by that same spirit. As I finished those chapters I came across a scripture I hadn’t realized before in 2 Nephi 25:8. I believe I have shared this with you before:

Wherefore, they are of worth unto the children of men, and he that supposeth that they are not, unto them will I speak particularly, and confine the words unto mine own people; for I know that they shall be of great worth unto them in the last days; for in that day shall they understand them; wherefore, for their good have I written them.

Having read this verse, I do not know what more could be considered “a voice speaking from the dust” than that. Since that time, I have been doing quite a bit of studying in Isaiah, both his quotations in the Book of Mormon and his prophesies in the Bible. I feel if Nephi says we ought to understand Isaiah’s teaching, and I consider them challenging, it is time to get studying.

I have a good friend out here in Taiwan who’s dad is the CES director for the Eastern United States. He sent him some commentaries on CD about Isaiah. Elder Walker was kind enough to send me a copy, and this week as we drove down south during our 3-hour car ride, Elder Wang and I listened to these commentaries. A specific verse stood out to me in Isaiah 11:10-12:

And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

It is such an exciting prospect to be involved in this prophecy. To be assembling and gathering, even in the four quarters of the earth! My dear friends and family, something I wish I would have learned much earlier is that “the four corners of the earth” does not refer to some distant land, but most often is referring to the ground upon which we are now standing! I truly hope that during this Christmas time that you will pray for and find opportunities to participate in these ancient prophesies foretold of our day and gather those who are lost to modern Zion!

I love each of you! I included some pictures of the office! I hope you like them! Have a wonderful week!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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