59. You Are Special – 29 Oct 12

My Dear Family,

Hello! I am so grateful for the blessing of the internet and we have the opportunity to have this option of communication!

Lately I have been thinking about the value of an individual. We are taught in the Doctrine and Covenants to “Search out the elect!” In our search I have put a special focus on the less active members of our ward, to me they are such!

This week we found a particular less active that we had a very heart touching experience with that I would love to share with you. This is taken from my president’s email:

We went to visit a Less Active who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood and it was more of a back up plan. He was so excited to be visited. We talked of his conversion and found he had been baptized 27 years previous. His house was strewn with old church manuals and Liahonas. As we continued talking we found out genghao the next day was his birthday. We asked if we could throw him a birthday party and invite some investigators that he could peike at his party (we were looking for some new people to be our peikes for the week) He agreed and we had a great party for him at the church. Our investigators and him talked and enjoyed themselves, they both came to church, and now this great brother has goals to go to the temple and be baptized for his younger brother! We are so grateful for the prompting the Lord gave us to go visit Lin Dx.

Besides the great news of Lin Dx being able to return to church I was so thankful for the opportunity to “first observe, then serve”; just as we were taught to do this conference! This poor man lives alone, with very little to his name. Virtually no one by his side, yet the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to be left with nothing to do in his neighborhood at 8:00pm. I have been in temples, churches, and stake presidents homes, and felt the spirit of God. But never before had I been in a humble home such as Lin Dx where the spirit of the Lord resided in such abundance. I was humbled as this dear old gentleman (70+ years old) testified of simple truths he had learned nearly a quarter of a century before!

I pray each of you can have opportunities to “First Observe then Serve” in your daily lives! I bear witness it is most fulfilling and rewarding to serve the Master in this way!

I love you all.


-Elder Spencer K. Bailey

SAM_1058This is the temple that Elder Sanford painted for our investigators, Li Dx and Xie Jm, at the birthday party for Lin Dx. He is the gray haired man center left holding the turkey drawing!

SAM_1063The man himself and his guitar. Elder Sanford!

I love you! 😀







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  1. Sharon Gubler

    Dear Spencer:

    It’s been a treat to read some of your experiences while you’ve been on your mission. You’ve got several months left to go, so I know you’re going to make the most of them!

    As you know, I have two grandsons on missions now. Brett is in the Philippines Quezon City North Mission (entered the MTC 28 Aug, got to the Philippines Oct 30th). Jordan is in the Managua Nicaragua South Mission (went into the MTC Oct 24th, got to Nicaragua on the 17th of Dec, just before Christmas). Both guys are enjoying their missions and believe that they are each in the “best” mission. :o)

    Another grandchild, McKenna Bearnson, enters the MTC Feb 13th. She will be going to the Texas Houston South (English-speaking) Mission.

    It’s been an amazing “journey” having all this happen in our family – all in about 6 months time – with 5 holidays involved. That’s Hallowe’en, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Valentines Day by the time McKenna leaves.

    I hope you continue enjoying your experiences as a missionary.

    Love ya’ – Aunt Sharon (Gubler)

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