58. Masterpieces – 22 Oct 12

My dear family Hello!

Life is on lightspeed! I feel I was just here last week sharing about conference and now it has come and gone and life keeps picking up! This week was really action packed! It was Zone Conference and Elder Sanford and I got to go up north and present a training to the Elders and Sisters around Taizhong, then we had our own zone conference down south on Thursday! So we have been kept pretty busy but it has been really fun!

At Zone Conference quite a few things happened. One of them was a little funny! During conference, when Elder Nelson went on and on about his list of things you can “Ask the missionaries… They can help you”, I remember looking around the room to a bunch of missionaries with looks of bewilderment on their face relating the thoughts, “Really… we can?” So in response to that talk we did some trainings on family history and some other ways we can “help”. Another interesting thing was Elder Sanford gave his reflection, which is a talk each missionary gives as they prepare to go home! It was really special! He talked about masterpieces! He is a VERY accomplished artist! Funny story, he was the Fine Arts Sterling Scholar for the state of Utah, so that was probably another time we crossed paths before our mission. He said something that I really liked he said, “Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are creators, that which they create will become masterpieces!” I came to see that is so true! We are the masterpieces that are molded shaped and created over time by the hands of the master!

I thought I would send you a picture of me learning how to paint and then our try at a musical masterpiece! 😀

My dear family in closing I would love to invite you to think. Can you be considered one of the member missionaries that could be “asked” because “you can help?” I recall a moment in college when my roommate asked me a gospel question that I was not prepared and could not help, that experience still pains me today! Let us each prepare each day to answer the questions of the hope that is in us!

I love you all!

Until next week,

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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