57. Fishers of Men – 15 Oct 12

My Dearest Family,

I have always wanted to live in a seaside village! The past couple weeks have made that a reality and made it super fun! Last preparation day we went out to the little island of Qijin and spent some time out there looking out at all the beauty! When I go on exchanges with other missionaries I always ask them, “Have you seen the sea on your mission?” Then we go for an exercise bike ride to “Love Pier” (look it up on Google–beautiful!!!) and we look out at the Kaohsiung Harbor! We see great big cargo ships, and small fishing skiffs, and all the boats in between! There is an amazing fresh smell to the air and the fragrance of seafood abounds as we ride past the fish markets! It is truly like a dream!

Like when I was in Mingjian, where everyone’s livelihood was connected to tea, here many of our members and investigators are connected to the sea! We have everything from cargo shippers, to international shark dealers, to Navy captains! Living in this type of environment and economy truly made Elder Jeffery R. Holland’s talk come alive to me!

As he shared of “leaving our nets”, his words really touched me! Seeing the reality of what he was saying then thinking to the figurative nets I have to leave! I love how Elder Holland gave us his interpretation of the exchange between Peter and our Savior as he asked him the penetrating question, “Do you love me.” Can we not ask ourselves the same question? If we love the Savior, what are we doing back on the shores of our Galilee’s? We all have room to improve, nets to forsake. Let us do it today!

Could these stories of the Savior by the seaside taken on more meaning when repeated by Elder Hales? I loved all the connections to the sea in this conference!

I specifically loved Elder Eyring’s talk in the priesthood session of seeing the potential in others!

My family I hope you will take the time to go back through and ponder the talks and messages of living prophets and apostles! They couldn’t have gotten better this conference!

I love you with all of my heart stay strong!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey

ps. the Roman pinyin of Chinese is different in Taiwan so if you ever want to look of pictures of Gaoxiong on Google you would search for Kaohsiung


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