56. The Field is White – 8 Oct 12

My dearest family!

Wow, we thought our ward correlator was joking with us yesterday when he told us the age was changed on missionaries! The excitement has spread through us missionaries out in the field! I can bear witness to anyone within the reach of my voice, The Lord NEEDS You!!! The field is truly white, ready to harvest and could the call couldn’t be clearer now, “Come join the ranks”. Seeing a move made like this in the church is a testament that the second coming is at hand and we must do all we can to share the message of this significance and eternal nature! Lately at zone training the Gaoxiong West zone has coined a phrase we say:

When you are in Gaoxiong West – You Baptize Leadership-Quality Families
When you are in Gaoxiong West – You truly talk to Everyone
When you are in Gaoxiong West – You leave a legacy with the ward
When you are in Gaoxiong West – You perform at your Best!

We have been filled with a vision of establishing the church through families who can be sealed for eternity! We need more troops! Whether you are able to come serve yourself or pray daily for our aid, we need your effort!

This week has been amazing! Everything from catching fish with old beibei’s (grandpas) to voting for the president to beginning teaching a retired commander from the Taiwanese Navy! Wow, I love Gaoxiong!

This retired commander said something this week that hit me really hard.  We met him from English class and he began meeting with us! He originally has been atheist his entire life, but after watching an episode of Discovery Channel where they proved the Bible by science, he decided there had to be a little more to it than he thought. So we began meeting and he looked at me after church and in English said, “Elder Bailey thank you for giving me this opportunity to touch God.” I thought it was interesting how he didn’t say God touching him, his words indicated his effort to come unto Christ!

I testify that as we come unto Christ and seek to “touch God”, we will find him, just as Wu Dx has! My dear family, it is my prayer that each of you will have opportunities to help other “Touch God” and have their hearts touched in return!

Give a little shout out to Jessika and Daniel! GONGXI GONGXI (congratulations) and to Erika and Alden for moving, sounds fun! I would love an update from Dad and Jake soon! I’m kind of missing them!

I love you with all of my heart!


-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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