55. Life Next to the Love River – 1 Oct 12

My Dearest Family!

I am sorry to hear of all the trials occurring back home! Please know I pray for each of you and think of you each night! I shared with some of you that I have learned when we face trials it is actually a time of excitement! As we look forward we must expect great blessings! If we weren’t doing things right things and about to be blessed the adversary wouldn’t be wasting his time on us!

Well, this week has been amazing! It has FLOWN by! Elder Sanford and I have been really really busy! We have been getting things ready for a big training for our zone next week, and we will be in Taizhong for meetings all day tomorrow, however we are loving it! Our zone is amazing! We hit a really big goal for zone baptisms this month and we are doing really well!

A little about Gaoxiong. Gaoxiong is actually bigger than Taizhong! We are still in the city, but we are really blessed to live on one of the edges! We have the famous “Love River” that runs right through our area to the ocean! We live right on the edge of our area and we have this little mountain behind us. When we run up it in the mornings, the ocean is right on the other side! It is really fun because we have a couple of little islands in our area that we will be going to this week! The ward here is huge compared to other areas I have served in and they are great! We have a family that we are working with who are finishing their PHDs at this college in our area! We are truly blessed to be out here! Something really weird is the pace of life here is entirely different. In Taizhong, everyone was so busy and were a little more uptight and not so friendly! I feel like I moved to Hawaii. Everyone is so laid back and really nice and life is just more laid back and not super fast-paced here!

Elder Sanford is super cool! He is on his last movecall, so we are trying to go out super strong! He is an artist and plays the guitar. It is really beautiful! He has this dream to be the director of the BYU Art Museum one day! He is from Provo and graduated from Provo High! We get along great and he has been a blast to work with!

Something we have been doing is having a stronger focus on families in our zone! We have been visiting members in our ward and sharing with them the plan of salvation! I have loved to study these doctrines out of Preach My Gospel! I would love to invite all of you to open up PMG or look it up online and review the beautiful plan God has created for each of us!

I love you, pray for you, and care for you with all of my heart! Stay strong, keep the faith!

Faithfully your son, brother, and friend:

– Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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