52. Bike Rides, Feasts, and Baptisms – 10 Sep 2012

My dearest family!!!
Wow the week flew by!!  It was full of trials, and miracles!  The greatest miracles this week was that we have a lot of GREAT investigators getting ready to be baptized!!!
Zhang Dx:  Passed his baptismal interview on Sunday and is planning to be baptized this SATURDAY! Yay! He was an amazing member referral and has a great testimony!  He is friends with everyone in the ward and please pray to have him protected from the influences of the adversary this week!!
Jiang Family:  They are looking great!  They are prepped to be baptized a week from Saturday!  The greatest miracle is they are deciding to do it TOGETHER! YAY for eternal families!  It is truly such a blessing!
Liao Dx:  Our 14-year-old superhero!  He is looking to get baptized either with the Jiang family or the week after!  He brought three of his Yuanzhumin friends to church!  Yuanzhumin are the native aboriginal people in Taiwan.  They have dark skin and their faces look very similar to Polynesians with an Asian mix!  Most all of them are Christian from Christian explorers that settled Taiwan!  However, these three little kids are amazing and they are super fun to work with, so in the future they are looking at improving as well!
Last preparation day we went to what we call the “feast”, the place where our “Taiwanese Parents” take care of us!  They have been coming to English class and we gave the mom an English name of Stacey!  Her two daughters are named Jessica, and Subina!  They taught us how to cook chinese food!  OH YES!  This cooking class was super legit, though!  They took us into their restaurant’s kitchen and just planned a ton of dishes!  Everything on that table we learned to cook!  One day you should all be super excited when I’ll make it for you!
Well, that is our life in a nutshell!  Thank you for all your updates!  Everybody has been giving me great updates except Erika! So Erika, I’m expecting a good one next week!
I love you all! 
Elder Spencer K. Bailey
Oh yeah, we also went on a bike ride! 😀


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