51a. Month of Miracles – 3 Sep 2012

My dearest Family and Friends,

Wow, I continue to find life is much more enjoyable and exciting when we just humble ourselves and allow the Lord to Bless us! This week has just been rejuvenating and full of experiences where I have been taught and grown a ton!

I set a goal to read the book of Proverbs in the Bible this month. There are almost enough chapters to read one every day! The past few days I have learned a lot about wisdom and knowledge and the prerequisites for both. Also, I was taught and reminded about turning my life over to the Lord. I came across Proverbs 3:5-6 and really came to see what we must do on our part to be blessed with divine guidance! I would love to invite each of you to go read just one chapter in Proverbs everyday and feel of the guidance you can receive in your life!

We are really excited we have four really great investigators lined up for baptism!

1. Sister and Brother Jiang (here is a fun little snippet from my presidents email)

“As Jiang Jm left church on Sunday, she came up to me shook my hand and then whispered to me, ‘Jiang Dx told me he is going to get baptized with me on the 22nd.’ My many fasts and prayers for him have been answered. I still don’t know why or what happened, but to hear that made me SO excited to be able to help an entire family come closer to being an eternal family!”

2. Zhang Dx – he is a member referral that works for our Elders Quorum president! He told us this week, “I am excited beyond belief to be baptized!” We are so excited to keep working with him.

3. Liao Dx – our 14-year-old golden investigator! He is one of the happiest humblest kids I’ve met! We are excited to start working with his family.

Well, life is good in Taiwan. Enjoy the funny picture of “operation missionary beautification”

I love you all with all of my heart!

Faithfully your brother, son, and friend:

– Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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