50. From an Island in the East – 27 Aug 2012

My dearest family, hello, hello!!!

Wow, this week has flown by and we are actually really late today because we went and played a little to much, so I’ve got to really hurry. But here are some pictures of some of my adventures lately.

One of the president’s assistants, Elder Gulas, is a professional model and gave some of us a promise that if we looked more handsome, we would have more people willing to talk with us. So we went and got styled haircuts! The stylist is Sister Sara. She is in the ward next to us and cut it for super cheap! It was pretty fun.

Max, our buddy from Tanzi English class, took us to Taizhong Steak House (the same place we went for Christmas)

Then me and my companion hanging in the apartment

This week I have continued to find that Christ truly is our Savior! My companion and I are currently memorizing Psalms 23 and I would love to invite you all to do it with us. This Psalm of David is full of pathos and truly brings out my feelings for our Savior!

Please know I love each of you and we will get you a good investigator update next week!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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