49. Jiating Shi Yongheng De “Families are Eternal” – 20 Aug 2012

My dear family it has been quite an emotional past hour of emailing.  I am absolutely heartbroken. I was not able to be there and say good-bye to Jeana, nor could I be there to comfort my family members.  However this week I had a very spiritual experience I would like to share with you all.  This is an excerpt from my email to my mission President:
This week has been a little hard for me.  The past summer I have been receiving play-by-play emails on the condition of my great-aunt.  Though she is my great-aunt, she has been like a grandmother to our family.  It was she that allowed my mother to come stay with her in Salt Lake during the summers and it was she that, through the Book of Mormon, taught my mother to become the spiritual angel she is.  My dear aunt Jeanna last week lost the ability to talk or move and I have begun to fear the worst.  Yesterday when I was in a lesson with an investigator, he told me about how his father had passed away and how it was so hard on him.  At that moment I felt an overwhelming sensation come over me of love for my relatives, and my mind was specifically drawn to Aunt Jeanna.  The spirit whispered to my heart that she had passed away.  I was able to testify more full of the spirit than I ever have before, that there is life after death!  Not only did it calm his troubled soul, but mine as well.

While at the temple I felt an overwhelming peace overcome me as I sat in the celestial room.  I feel my dear aunt was there.  As I read through D&C 88, I could feel the presence of this faithful sister who has been a blessing to my life in ways I cannot describe.

Five minutes ago as I logged on to email.  My feelings were confirmed that Aunt Jeana indeed passed away Tuesday right about the time I had testified of it to my investigator.

President, my goal for this week is to testify of the plan of salvation with more effort and zeal.  I know I will see her again.  While I am heart-broken, I am at peace!

My dear family, I have never felt the peace and comfort which abode with me in the Taipei Temple earlier this afternoon.  As I was there I felt there was someone with me the whole time.  Little did I know it was my dear great-aunt.
My dearest family, I bear my personal witness that Jesus of Nazareth broke the bands of death.  I testify that he is central to the Plan of Salvation which was organized for our benefit before the world was.  In our moments of heart-break there are angels that stand by us and whisper to our hearts as they did to the grief-stricken apostles along the road, “He has risen”.  I testify that we will one day rise again to be with those whom we love most dearly!  This life did not begin at birth, nor end at death, but the immortal soul within us burns with the fire of Deity for eternity.
I love you all!  Do not forget to smile, laugh, and love!  You all mean the world to me.
Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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