48. In the Strength of the Lord We Can Do All Things – 13 Aug 2012

My dearest family!!!

Well, hello.  Once again another week has come and gone! It amazes me how fast time flies! It is so, so, so wonderful to hear from each of you and hear the adventures going on throughout your life!

Well, I’m about out of time, but here are some pictures from the Chinese temple tours that Paul took us on. In the future I will send more amazing pictures. These are two separate temples. One is a Daoist temple that is orange and red and the other one with the HUGE gold buddha is Buddhist. It was an amazing cultural experience and we really got to have the little details of the culture explained to us, which was great!

While spending some time being in those other temples, I was so grateful for our knowledge and relationship of our Father in Heaven. In the Chinese culture they believe you receive guidance and wisdom from the gods. As I have come to better understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I feel as if I get much, much more! I have really realized the strength to do all things through our faith on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I want to invite you all to take a moment and go read Isaiah 40:28-31.  It is really wonderful and I think describes beautifully some of the specific blessings we receive from our Father in Heaven.

I remind each of you, in our hardest moments, as well as the most prosperous and blessed, to pray. Use the process which our almighty Father in Heaven has given to us to communicate with him!

I love you all!

Faithfully your brother, son, and friend,

Elder Spencer K. Bailey

P.S. Please pray for Lin Dx. He is one of the young men that we are working with! He really has a desire to be baptized but is struggling with smoking! As he realizes the strength that comes from the Lord, he will be able to overcome this binding addiction and make covenants that will last into the eternities!


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