47. Raining Miracles – 6 Aug 2012

My dearest family!!!

I love you all! You each mean the world to me and I just wanted to share some of the cool experiences and miracles of the week with you!

First off, last preparation day we got to go to lunch with one of my good friends, Paul! He is a really nice businessman that is a member that I get along with pretty well! He is one of the most generous people I know! He took us out to this super nice restaurant and ordered nearly one of EVERYTHING on the menu. I got so full I was nearly sick! The members in Taiwan are amazing! I feel so blessed to serve amongst them! How have you served the missionaries this week?

Wow we got hit with an intense typhoon. Last time was like a baby storm compared to this! Most of the bad winds and dangerous parts hit during the night and kept us up all night, but we were able to go out because there wasn’t wind it was just POURING! It was not individual rain drops, but a faucet that got turned on up in the heavens! Oh my so fun! Even more fun is a great miracle story came from it! As we were going along knocking on all the doors (everyone got school and work off because Taizhong declared it a national emergency), we were riding along this path next to this river that is probably 400 meters wide that usually has NO water in it at all. If you look in previous pictures of me and Elder Jackson you can see this river. The river was filled all 400 meters across with nearly 20-30 feet of water just rushing through it. (It is designed to do this during typhoons.) However there was this man with just an umbrella taking pictures of it. As we approached and asked if he wanted us to help him take pictures he was really excited for our help. So amidst this turbulent rain storm we made friends with Lai Dx. He actually took our pictures too.  After our little photo shoot, we began teaching him the gospel. He invited us to his home and we walked in the rain nearly a mile to his home! He is this super cool international imports and exports businessman and had a beautiful home! We were able to meet his family and sing and pray with them and have a beautiful experience!

I truly know it is the storms in life that bring some of the most beautiful blessings! How have your trials blessed you this week?

Right now we are really blessed to be teaching a family! They have the cutest little son in the world! He is 6-years-old and LOVES us! He is absolutely obsessed with Lego’s! But it is the Jiang family! If you would please pray for them we would really appreciate that! They are just soaking up the gospel and seeing the blessings of it in their family!

My dear family, I love you with all my heart! Do not lose sight of the prize! We are an eternal family! I testify of that truth! Please choose today to build and forge and strengthen these eternal relationships!

Faithfully your brother, friend, and son:

Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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