46. One Big Family – 30 Jul 2012

My dear family!

I am once again out of time but I love you so so much!

If you remember back from a couple of weeks ago I sent a picture of us and some others at a restaurant with the owners! I just wanted to tell you how much the owners of that restaurant have served and loved us missionaries. The wife of the restaurant has a special seat for us and kicks anyone else out of it when we walk in. They feed us so ridiculously cheap and always give us extra food for free. Occasionally they will go on Google to learn how to cook American food and surprise us with it “just in case” we miss America! They are so funny.  They call themselves our Taiwanese parents, and they say to tell you they are taking good care of us!

I was told something by the owner of the restaurant that really got me thinking. She said, “If I sent my children away to a foreign country, I would want to be sure someone would be taking care of my kids.” These dear people are not even members, but are a huge example to me of Christ-like service! Who do you look out for?  Who do you serve?

Here are some pictures of a Taiwanese super market (equivalent to Wal-Mart).

Love you all,

Elder Bailey


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