45. Climbing Higher – 23 Jul 2012

Hello my dearest family!

Sorry about last weeks short email. This week I really wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for my companion and I as well as for this amazing country! We have really felt the influence of the Lord in our lives and were able to find quite a few wonderful investigators this week!

Starting off with last Preparation Day. Elder Edwards has been missing football a little bit and so we decided to go out to this field and have the future starting kicker for Brigham Young University show us what he was made of. I was actually really impressed with what he was capable of doing with that football! I’ve always seen in football games those huge kickoff or field goals but I’ve never gotten to see the backend practice where the champion is born! So that was really fun!

We also went to a chidaobao (eat till you are full restaurant is the literal translation) named Shabushabu. We went with a member from Tanzi (where we teach English), who went on a Chinese/English-speaking mission in San Jose, California. He just got back so he comes around with us to help us teach and keep up his English. This Shabushabu is super cool. It is a specialty seafood hotpot. They would give us these live shrimp that were flopping on a plate and they were so live and fresh they would sometimes jump themselves into this pot of boiling water and soon be cooked. It was insane! In addition to the live shrimps they would give us live mini octopuses and then all types of other seafood, noodles, and dumplings to boil in our pots. It felt a little inhuman to boil things alive, but according to them they taste better when they are like that, and I kind of have to agree.

Lately Elder Edwards and I have started a tradition with this young man, Chen Dx. He is getting ready to go to college then on a mission. He is SUPER cool and has very similar dreams to me in his life about business, so we make great friends!

We have started this tradition of running about 500 vertical feet straight up a mountain every Monday morning.Here is one of the flights of stairs that we would run up! And here is the view from the top! We love it! 

This week we saw miracles as we just had a ton of investigators begin meeting with us and set very specific baptismal goals!

1. Jiang Family: They are a member referral that came last Sunday and are really amazing! They really feel led in their lives to come to church and study the things we teach. They were previously atheist, but have really come to feel the influence of God in their lives. They have a super cute little 6-year-old who is a stud and a newly born 2-month-old baby! They are a super special family to us and we are so excited to work with them!

2. Zhou Dx: We met Zhou Dx at the park where he was about to deny us when I asked him if he would let Elder Edwards practice teaching Chinese to him (just like in the article my Mom sent me from BYU Hawaii).  He accepted and we have met with him for the past 2 weeks. At first it was just “practice”, but as we continued meeting with him, he told us, “I have lived in Taizhong for 20 years and I have never felt like this before I wanted to study this for real.” He now has a baptismal goal and is progressing amazingly!

I truly know this church is true. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t see the miracles we do in others lives! I love you all–remember, read your scriptures, pray, attend church, and smile! The future is as bright as your faith! (President Monson)


-Elder Bailey


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