43. Baptism of Water and Fire – 9 Jul 2012

My dearest family!

Wow the weeks truly fly by!! I am so excited to be once again writing you all and having the chance to tell you the adventures of life in Taiwan!!! This week’s highlight was most undoubtedly Zhan Dx’s baptism! I hope you enjoy the picture of his face right after he walked out of the font after being baptized. Through the hardest days, that is why I am still here. There is a most definite promise from our Father in Heaven as we follow the standard He has set forth our joy is full! When I see this joy reflected in the faces of these dear people whom I love, I am just filled with this joy myself! “When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are only in the service of your God.”

Zhan Dx gave a beautiful testimony at his baptismal service! He was so nervous all day and we promised him the “Holy Ghost would give him in the very moment” what he needed to say. As we changed in the bathroom right before, we would head back in to hear his testimony.  He still voiced his concern on not knowing what to say. As we walked into the chapel he whispered, “I need to borrow your scriptures.” He then proceeded to walk up and flip to Ether 12:27 and talk about his personal weaknesses, and how it fits in with the plan of salvation. He discussed how the Lord knew he would be weak so he gave him prayer, the Book of Mormon, and the Atonement! I was utterly amazed! I had never shared that scripture with him, but I could feel from his words this great young man had been fully converted!

So a little more about Elder Edwards. He is from Hurricane, Utah right by St. George. Before his mission he red-shirted for the BYU football team and will go back on scholarship as a kicker. He has 6 people in his family and he is a super hard worker! So it has been fun to hit the ground running with him coming straight from the MTC.

This week I was in church when this crazy guy ran into the church pushed this thing into my hand and was muttering a bunch of nonsense and then ran out of the church. It is basically like an ancient Chinese calculator, and according to some other missionaries it is called an abacus? Anyways I wanted to know if mom or dad could look up on Wikipedia more about it and then get some instructions on how to use it cause it looks pretty cool.

Lastly we went and played basketball with some young men this morning which was quite fun!

My dear family never forget my love which I had for you! Keep smiling, reading, praying!


Elder Bailey




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