41. Mountains, Golf, and Typhoons – 25 Jun 2012

My dearest family!

So many things have happened since I last wrote you! This week has been a huge adventure and we have learned a ton, saw miracles, and had some new experiences!

About the pictures: last monday our friend Paul brought his friend who is a professional golf coach and took us golfing! I have made really good friends with him because he is this chinese businessman and he always comes to our english class! So we love him and he takes good care of us! Also this morning we went on another bike ride with president bishop and some other missionaries! That missionary in the biking picture is Elder Sasine he is the assistant going home this week and is heading back to the Air Force Academy. Super cool guy!

Also noteworthy was I got to experience proselyting in a typhoon for the first time in my life. They had a weaker typhoon make landfall on taiwan earlier this week. I have never felt heavier rain in my life! We were biking to another city to teach english class when it hit. We were riding our bikes at about 20 miles an hour when we had some wind from behind start blowing like crazy with all this rain and blew us all the way there up hill about 30 mile an hour! So that was quite intense. Since taizhong is super inland it wasnt to bad but apparently all the southern missionaries in gaoxiong have been serving in their areas because everywhere was flooded a couple feet of water! Even more miraculous we found a 94 old man in the typhoon who is willing to study the gospel! He is nothing like American 94 year olds! He is still going strong and is super funny!

A fun thing that really helped me see the full perspective of my missionary work was hearing about the successes of my recent converts in mingjian! Lin dx my first convert has continued to truly progress and was just put in as the 2nd councilor in the branch presidency! So that is exciting!

Lastly we have an investigator by the name of zhan dx who is looking GREAT to be baptized in the next two weeks! Please pray for him! he called me last night super discouraged and as I just flipped my book of mormon open it opened to Alma 37:37 it was just what he needed to hear in that moment! My dear family do not forget, “council with the lord in all thy doings” because he will truly direct thee for good! Make prayer a necessity I bear witness it is a tool of power!

I love you all! Smile, forgive, serve: Keep the faith!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey

ps. thanks for all the half way letters! Those were some great thoughts of encouragement! I am getting old in missionary months! :S haha!


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