40. Miracles and Opposition​: The Life of a Missionary – 18 Jun 2012

My dearest family,

My heart is just full every Monday that I get to write to you and hear from you! I love you all so, so, so deeply! You truly mean the world to me! I hope you are all spending the time to be together and share your love and spiritual experiences with the other members of our family!!!

This week some crazy things happened! Early this week I woke up about 5am to feel like my companion was rocking my bed. I was so confused why I felt like I was on the ocean and rocking back and forth. My bed is kind of on these four thin poles so it kind of just shakes when I shift in bed. That morning there was a 4.0 earthquake that rocked our building so I felt it even more crazy in my unstable bed. My companion laughed so hard cause it woke him up to and he said I jumped out of bed half asleep with the funniest look on my face and just stood there trying to brace myself like I was surfing. I didn’t remember any of this until an investigator asked me the next day if I felt the earthquake in the morning, then it all came back to me. It was kind of funny! Not even a big deal though, apparently those little earthquakes happen all the time here. Anyways that was pretty neat, my first earthquake 😀

Some of the pictures this week. I bought a special little statue of a figure of Taiwanese history. It is called a wabing and were the martial artist soldiers among the indigenous people during the occupation of china and the Japanese. He is standing on a pedestal that says “you banfa” which means “there is always a way”. It is a statement of encouragement and deeper meaning among us missionaries in Taiwan. We also went to the dentist! On last Preparation Day, we also went to eat at the Fragrant Pamelo, which you can see in the background of us three standing there. Also, mango season is among us! 😀

If you wanted to go look at pictures of that private art gallery and restaurant I told you about last week, their website is www.yafuntoyou.com

The past while I have been doing a very detailed study of the classic Mormon book, Jesus the Christ, written by James E. Talmage. This week I got to the part that discusses the trial of our Savior among the elders and leaders of the Jews. Among the things that are interesting to note is the transgressing of legal laws in order to convict the Savior of mankind for telling the truth. As taught, “Jehovah was thus convicted for blaspheming against Jehovah”. I have come to think of this a lot, about the witness we bear and moreover our actions that convict our beliefs. I was once asked by one of my companions, “If you were in a court of law and accused of being a Latter-Day Saint, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

My dear friends and family, I urge you to personally consider the question? For one day we all will stand in a court of judgement, not one of this earth but one of heaven. We will be judged by works with eternal significance! Are you going through the motions? Are you picking and choosing the piece of the commandments you would like to adhere to? Let us never forget: It is in complete obedience to the laws of heaven that all blessings are predicated.

I pray for each of you! Keep smiling, studying, and praying. The Lord will fight your battles and stand by you!


Elder Bailey


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