39. Happiness and Hard Work – 11 Jun 2012

Sorry I dont have tons of time!!! but I just wanted to send you some pictures with some cool stories!!

  1. Me and my companion lost in Fengyuan.  Thank goodness for a GPS!
  2. Us with Elder Teng at the Nike Outlet Store (they do not carry shoes for people my size in asia — haha).
  3. Me with our friend, Paul!  The restuarant is AMAZING!  It is a private art museum and you have to have a special membership to go inside.  It’s food is amazing!  This is a picture in front becuase you cant take pictures inside.
  4. This is a park right near our house.
  5. This is the pizza we made with the ingredients from Jessika in our oven above our dryer! 😀

Miracle of the week:
Of many of our great investigators who disappeared 2 weeks ago was Brother Lin.  We saw a true tender mercy when he just showed up at church and stayed for all three hours.  He is our investigator that is the high school student who we found about 2 months ago!  He is doing so good, so please pray for him!

Please know I love each of you so much!  I’m out of time, but keep the faith, keep reading, and remember our Father in Heaven loves you!

– Elder Bailey


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