38. Smiling and Sweating in the Summer Heat – 4 Jun 2012

Wow it has been hot lately! It has gotten to this point quite gradually, but lately we have had summer in full swing out here! The past few days we have had a nice breeze which made it feel so much better because this humidity is stifling! I love it though! There is nothing like riding full speed up to a stop light just drenched in sweat with your eyes kind of crooked like to keep sweat from stinging your eyes, all out of breath because you were just biking up a hill, and then trying to smile and testify in Chinese as fast as you can so someone will pull over before the 20 second timer goes off and the light turns green! Oh I love being a missionary!

Lately it has been fun, challenging, disappointing, miraculous and all other sorts of roller coaster emotions all put together! Elder Miller and I set a monster of a goal! We aimed to help 12 souls be baptized in this month of June. That is a lot to do in one month, but we have faith we can hit it! However we need your prayers and your help!! Last week, that was totally looking like a possibility. This week all of those investigators dropped off. So, we are starting from scratch to still hit our goal! Please pray for us!

Please pray for Brother Wang. He is the young man I talk about a lot! He was supposed to be baptized this week, but Satan kicked in and gave him a huge trial to overcome! His father passed away last week and he has been unable to meet. In Taiwan, funerals are a 7 day process. Life shuts down when a family member passes away. They set up these tents outside their house and they just stay there 24/7 for at least 7 days! So while it is really hard for him, we aren’t even able to see him!

Today we are heading out to a really fun meal! One of our members from Tanzi, where we teach English, is taking us to lunch! Apparently it is a really fancy place where we have to have a reservation! So I will send some pictures of that next week!

My dear family do not forget the value of fasting! My companion and I had some very spiritual fasts for help this week! I want to invite you to read Alma 5:45-46. There is a special process by which we can know of spiritual things! Remember this power in your lives!

I love you with all of my heart!

– Elder Bailey


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