37. From Training to Raining – 30 May 2012

My dearest family,

I apologize for writing on Wednesday. We had a temple trip, so we moved Preparation Day to Wednesday! Today was a beautiful day in Taipei. We got to go through the temple and do a temple session, which was really great! You can see a picture of Elder Miller and me at the temple. Because it was so clear you can see the Taipei 101 building cresting over the top of the mountain (yes, its that tall, even taller than the mountains).

This week we had a really fun thing happen! Elder Miller and I have been planning for quite a few weeks to have a huge training for our ward about working together to do missionary work! We worked with our Sisters and our ward leaders and we did this huge activity right after church. We did some skits showing our members what missionary work was normally like! We found a fake door in the mission storage (I don’t know if I’ve told you before but our apartment is mission storage, so on the first floor we have a huge garage just full of stuff). So we took the door and did some funny skits showing them how sometimes missionary work is hard when we don’t have the members helping us. There is a picture with Chang Dx and Su Dx doing a roleplay teaching a lesson! I have come to find I kind of like doing trainings and teaching other groups of people! It was a little stressful and a ton of work to pull off, but really rewarding! The stake presidency was there today and they really liked it. They told us we might be doing our training again for the stake leaders!

Lately we have had some amazing progressing investigators! I believe I have told you Eric’s story before, but I just wanted to tell it again and tell you some cool things that are happening with him! Lately he has been progressing really good and he is set really good for his baptism next week! Eric is a Christian but has such a rock solid testimony! The other day we had a walk-in at our church and he sat down and helped us teach them to pray. I have never heard someone pray quite like Eric before. When he prays you know he is talking with Heavenly Father! This week at church, he was in Gospel Principles class and we had lent him a tie that had a church quote on it. Everyone kept asking him what ward he was from! Please pray for Eric as well as Lin Dx (the young man whose parents formerly opposed) as well as Su Dx (a 12 year eternal investigator who is considering being baptized with his sister). They need your prayers!

My dear family never forget the love I have for you!


Elder Bailey



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