36. My Dearest Family – 21 May 2012


Please never forget the love I have for each of you! This week was rather challenging out here in Dakeng but still good. We had a number of investigators tell us they were done meeting, which is always a little hard.

Yesterday they had movecall and I was almost expecting to leave because I have been here for a little over four and half months, but I will be staying with Elder Miller for another movecall! That means I will be in this area for at least 6 months, so that’s kind of crazy to be in a place for a fourth of your mission. Anyway, today is a little crazy. Elder Petters will be going home on Tuesday. We are going to go over to the chapel and I’m going to see him one last time before he takes off! Crazy!!!

I wanted to send you all a few pictures: one is of us doing the ultimate cardio workout where we run the stairs in our skyscraper, the other is how blue the sky was today, we have hit full summer and it is hot! The other I thought I would show you what our email cafe looks like! 😀

This week as a companionship we have started a little campaign called, “Back to Basics”. Among all the many different things we make plans for, we often get lost from our main purpose. With the challenges that have faced our investigators, we realized it was time to bring the focus back and just go back to the basic foundation! I hope you all will join me and come back to basics of praying, reading and coming to church. What do these three basics mean to you and your life, and how do they bless you?

I love you each and wish you a wonderful week! 😀

-Elder Bailey


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