34. One Year Older. . .Still Working on the Wiser Part Though – 7 May 2012

My Dearest Family,

Well first off, thank you all for your birthday wishes!  The birthday was SUPER FUN!!!!  It was even more fun because mine was on Saturday and then Elder Miller’s was on Monday!  So we got permission to throw a big birthday bash!  We invited everybody to the chapel and played pin the Book of Mormon on the investigator and then ate cake and stuff!  Elder Miller and I made a big breakfast for lunch where we made everyone German Pancakes and normal pancakes and buttermilk syrup and stuff!  We made really funny invitations.  Ill send one home so you can see it!  Anyway, besides our party and cake I made, it was a pretty intense birthday!  Here is a little bit about what we did (quoted from my president’s letter):

After talking with Elder Johnson he said something that just really hit me… “Elder Bailey if you want your district to get 30 lessons it needs to start with you.”  On Friday night of this week we had 14 lessons.  All I wanted for my birthday was to help others come unto Christ and have the most lessons I’ve ever had in one day.  All of a sudden I noticed how weak our plans were.  We changed them around, made sure we were visiting quality people, and made sure to establish expectations and set people up. cAlthough we still had some lessons fall through, I learned the true meaning of you banfa as we determined to find and hit our quality back ups.  Saturday night we ended with 12 lessons, nearly matching the lessons we had had all week.  We finished off Sunday strong, getting to 30 lessons.  President as we set righteous goals and worked with all of our heart we hit them!  This week was full of power because first we relied on the Lord, and second we decided it was going to be!

On my birthday we had one of the busiest days of my mission!!!  😀  It was wonderful!

Our investigators our doing good but still need the blessings of heaven! Some people to pray for are:

– Lin Zheng Gong
– Lin Wen Yi
– Gong Dao He

I love you all! Thanks for the packages, cards, inspirational quotes etc!!

– Elder Bailey

Also pray for my companion.  His grandpa passed away this week.


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