33. April Showers Bring Wet Missionaries – 30 Apr 12

Hello my dearest family!

I am so excited to write you all once again! I have so much to tell you all and so little time to do it! First off, I would like to once again acknowledge my love for each of you! My family is my first and foremost priority! We are taught by our Lord and Savior, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” I hope you each know you are my deepest treasure!

This week we got to have some fun proselyting in what is called meiyushi, or literally translated as everyday raining season! It rained everyday this week. I also learned I do not know what real rain is! haha! In Utah, a bad rain storm would be considered a light sprinkle here! I included a picture of us after riding back from English Class when we had forgotten our rain gear. Ooops! You can barely tell but we are soaked to the bone!

The rain is such a blessing. Although it can be classified as acid rain and we need to shower off after being drenched in it, people really can see our belief in this gospel. We had a man on the street say, “Wow, you really do believe this don’t you?” as we pretty much had a swimming pool getting dumped on us! Our trials are always but a small moment when we stay up, pay up, and never shut up for the cause of Christ!

The past three weeks we have been working with a remarkable young man by the name of Lin Zheng Gong. He is a sophomore at a technical high school studying (if you can believe it) international business! Wow, we couldn’t be more of friends! He is what missionaries straight up call a “golden investigator”. This is because he has REMARKABLE faith. He is willing to sacrifice to come to know Christ. He studies, prays, and does everything right! He does not question commandments, but trusts that they come from a prophet of God, and changes his life IMMEDIATELY to obey! He has seen blessing after blessing and he shares them with all around him. You may ask why this valiant young man has met with missionaries for over a month and is not close to baptism? He faces one of the hardest challenges of those in Asia, fumu de fandui. This means his parents strongly oppose the church. They come from a strong Buddhist background and do not allow him to come to church. I would ask of all you who receive this email to pray for this young man! He is going to, as King Lamoni and Ammon from the scriptures, go before his family this week and bear his testimony to his family! We are arming him with the latest and greatest resources we have been given by living prophets and apostles. They recently translated the new For the Strength of Youth books into Chinese and we finally were able to get our hands on some for him to share with his parents!

If any of you have not had the opportunity to read this new manual, I would suggest you take the time to do so! Not only was this made for the youth, but every valiant follower of Christ! If we are looking for true happiness and success it is to come from adhering to the standards in that pamphlet!

My dear family, you mean the world to me! I would urge you to study the topic of faith as taught in Ether chapter 12. I feel this chapter describes Lin Zheng Gong!

I love you all! Remember keep the faith, keep smiling and pray daily! Our Father in Heaven hears you!


Elder Bailey


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