32. The Littlest Actions…​The Biggest Miracle – 23 Apr 12

Sorry, I get to replying to everyone’s letters and I am always having less and less time to write a detailed group letter! So here is another quote from my presidents letter:

I wanted to start out with the Miracle of the Week because this week the Lord really helped us out and it got me really excited! Sunday was a little stressful getting everyone to stake conference, but ended up being very successful. We had an investigator by the name of Lin Wen Yi that agreed to drive Elder Miller and I and the Beitun Elders to stake conference. We also had another investigator that planned to meet us there.  We also had organized a number of our members to drive 5 separate less-actives to stake conference.  Getting everybody organized and planning it out took a ton of work but in the end was completely worth it.  It got a little stressful as we all arrived right at 10 when it started and finding no chairs left so we took our big group of people down to the overflow.  Everyone really paid great attention!  Most of all I also wanted to thank you for your remarks on prayer and sharing the scriptures in Alma 31.  We opened to them with our investigator Lin Wen Yi and he marked up most of chapter 31.  While you were talking, he wrote notes in his margins and just continued to soak up what everyone taught.  As we came away, Lin Dixiong is much closer to baptism than he was before attending stake conference.  I really believe that because we did the little things he was able to learn first hand what it means to receive revelation from church attendance!  The little things bring about the biggest results.  The smallest seeds of faith result in the largest miracles!  I bear testimony that as we search out the little things that are of eternal importance, then DO them, that is where real improvement is made!

Lin Wen Yi is a remarkable man!  He is one of the biggest studs I have ever met!  He looks like he’s about 25 and super young but is actually 39 with quite a remarkable past.  Lin Dx was divorced 8 years ago and has a 9-year-old daughter!  He has investigated the church for quite some time, but we found him again about a month ago on the streets!  He is really progressing great!  He owns a pharmaceuticals company and sells a special heart drug.  He talks about always fixing hearts through medicine, but there is something missing in his.  He is coming to find the gospel of Jesus Christ is that missing antidote that he has been looking for!

Here are some pictures of some activities the past little while!

Enjoy! Remember I love each of you so so much! 😀


Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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