31. With Love, From Taiwan! – 16 Apr 12

My dearest family!

Hello from Taiwan! Life is going wonderfully here and I am constantly blessed and grateful to be a missionary here serving the Lord! I’m about out of time because I’ve got to head to a zone activity at the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pizzeria” which I’m sure will yield some wonderful pictures for next week! However, I wanted to share an experience I had this week that really touched my heart (this is taken from my presidents letter):

President, among many miracles this week was an experience with Chang Dx. He is a less active who is 28 years old, divorced, and was a former missionary in the Gaoxiong Mission. It has been a while since he came to church, but after visiting him with the bishop last week, he came to general conference. We met with him again this week and sat down with him. As we planned for him, we felt really impressed to remind him of his testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. As we did that, we turned him to the scriptures and read Joseph Smith History with him. This great brother was overwhelmed with the spirit as he remembered why he joined the church. He began to cry and told us he remembered most vividly how he came to know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. Following his testimony I thanked him and told him we had an investigator who needed his help at church to obtain the same testimony he had. He again confirmed for church and fellowshipped our investigator all through the 3 hours of church, always explaining the processes of church and making him feel welcomed and comfortable! It was a true miracle and tender mercy for Elder Miller and I to see these two souls being rescued and both coming to church; one as a less active and one as an investigator.

That was such an amazing moment to be able to witness that spiritual experience with this dear man! Even more fun is we were able to go play Ultimate Frisbee with him early this morning. Here is a slightly fuzzy picture. He is the one without glasses. The guy with glasses is Meng Zhujiao, our bishop. It was a ton of fun to go play with him!

This week I have really felt your prayers and been able to see some remarkable success! This week I met one of my new best friends, Elder Miller. We have gotten along from right off the back! Furthermore he is willing to work HARD, which is so sweet! We have picked up the pace so much this week! We have seen miracle after miracle after miracle! Elder Miller is one who when you push him hard, he pushes back. He shares my desire of hitting goals and we really compliment each other in reaching our potential! He is from Arizona and raced dirt bikes before his mission and loves to do stuff outdoors. He is also really knowledgeable about motors and rebuilt his own car in high school! He is a stud and I have a feeling if we knew each other before our missions we would have been great friends and gotten into a lot of trouble together cause we just keep pushing each other farther and farther! Here is a great fat picture for you of both of us-haha!

I love you all! Keep the faith, keep smiling, read daily, and pray with all of your heart! Remember pray for larger mountains and welcome the trials! I love you!

– Elder Bailey


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