30. Higher Mountains – 9 Apr 12

My dearest Family,

Was conference not just phenomenal? I really loved it with all my heart! I was touched by how many times they talked about families and invited us to build and mend our family relationships! We are really on the constant search for families and we are really working to find some families to teach! Please continue to pray for the chance for us missionaries to bring families into the gospel. I firmly believe that families, when rooted in the gospel, receive the blessing of heaven here on earth!

During conference I was particularly touched by two talks. One was Elder Eyring’s where he told the experience of praying and asking the Lord for higher mountains to climb. As I heard that I wrote the question in my notes, “Elder Bailey do you have the courage and faith to ask the Lord to extend and try your faith that you might improve?” Saturday night those words loomed on the page in my notes as I went to say my evening prayers. As I prayed, I asked the Lord, like Elder Eyring, to enlarge the mountains before me. It did not take long. Monday I received a call from our leaders with information about movecall. They told me I would become senior companion as well as fulfilling the role of being District Leader over the Beitun District. I was awestruck at how quickly and fully the Lord answered my prayer. I am now learning it is time for some growth. I feel neither ready nor qualified for such a position. I was thinking how I can barely take care of myself. However, I know the Lord qualifies those he calls. Though as was said multiple times in conference, “It is not meant to be easy.”

My new companion is only a movecall behind me and is Elder Miller. He is from a little town in Arizona and that’s all I know about him right now. We just met! 😀 Anyways there will be more to come!

I sent some pictures from our English activity where we had a belated St. Patrick’s Day and we read them Green Eggs and Ham and then made them a special treat! It freaked them out! haha! Anyways enjoy some of those and other pictures!

Remember I love each of you and remember to show gratitude for our Savior’s atonement by using it this Easter season. Think of the things you could repent of and utilize the divine love of our Savior Jesus Christ in your life!

I love you dearly,

Elder Bailey


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One response to “30. Higher Mountains – 9 Apr 12

  1. Michelle Olsen

    Elder Bailey,
    I love reading your posts. I’m not surprised that you are doing so well as a missionary. I have every confidence that you will continue to have amazing experiences throughout the rest of your mission.
    There have been a lot of changes at CEDO. I am now doing an internship with the Entrepreneurial Institute at UVU. Brad and Jennifer are now employees of Orem City. CEDO still exists in name, but there are no employees. It’s sad because Brad has spent so many years building CEDO and doing such a great job.
    Keep up the good work!

    Your friend,
    Michelle Olsen

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