28. Week of Miracles – 26 Mar 12

My dear family!

I am nearly out of time but I just wanted to share two miracles with you from this week:

Here are some quotes from my presidents letter!

Miracle of the Week:

1. On Saturday, we were at a red light when I noticed a man running towards me. It wasn’t till he got closer I recognized him as my recent convert from Mingjian, Lin Xing Jian. As we embraced, he just continued to tell me how thankful he was I had taught him the gospel and told me how he had just recently received the Melchizedek priesthood! I was just filled with joy. Out of all the places in Taiwan, my recent convert was in Dakeng picking up a car from a client and had seen me and ran across the street to share that wonderful news! I really couldn’t have been happier to hear that!

2. One night during planning, as we planned where to go to tract, Elder Jackson asked me where I thought we should go. Normally we just pick a place and write it down. However, that night I bowed my head for a moment and prayed. I remember an image of a specific park popping into my mind. The next day as we got to that part in the plan, we went there. When we got there, at first appeared no one was there. As we biked around, there was a man standing on top of this exercise thing. We went and started talking to him up there. He climbed down and asked us if he could sit down with us. We then had the privilege of teaching Zhang Dx. He has some amazing questions of the soul and a huge desire to read the Book of Mormon and improve his life. President, we found him from divine guidance and I truly know the Lord guides us missionaries to the prepared. We just have to ask!

This morning we went and played some tennis and had some good fun doing it! Also here is a picture of a street near our apartment and some of the fruit stands we buy all our fruit from!

Love you all! Keep smiling and remember “sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven” (from Praise to the Man).

-Elder Bailey


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