26. Miracles Squared – 14 Mar 12

Wow this week was crazy–amazing but crazy! A lot of amazing miracles happened and I am almost out of time so I need to fit it all on here really quick:

Chen Jun Hong had 2 baptismal interviews this week. He had to have two because he was once imprisoned. They both went phenomenal! He is progressing amazingly. He has fully quit smoking and drinking in one week. He reads the Book of Mormon and marks it like no one I’ve ever met before. He has read the entire True to the Faith booklet and he is getting baptized this Saturday!

Elder Jackson had a miracle happen. We were riding our bike along a street and we passed this construction crew with these super intense jack hammers. Elder Jackson was riding in front and drifted over on the sidewalk cause he was watching them, and going 16 miles an hour hit a light pole head on. He completely endough-ed his bike, slammed into the pole and slammed his head on the ground and went unconscious. I was so scared I had no idea what to do (despite that being my job for 5 years with lifeguarding and search and rescue, being in Taiwan totally threw me off). He had blood all going down his face and about 30 seconds later came to. I called President Bishop and he didn’t answer so I walked him half a mile to this clinic that couldn’t do anything. So we took a taxi to the hospital where President Bishop met us. They ended up giving Elder Jackson 6 stitches in his eyebrow and after some CT scans, they were amazed to find he had no concussions or any other problems. The doctors kept saying he should have a really severe concussion even though he was wearing a helmet, but there was no sign of one. I really know he was protected. I have seen some intense bike crashes and I have never seen someone flip on a bike like him. I am glad he is fine and we are back at the work 100%.

Today we went to the temple! Here is the picture of our district at the temple and some other pictures showing how the temple is situated in the city! It is gorgeous and such a relief to go and feel the complete peace there!

Well I love you all with all of my heart! Smile, pray and keep the faith!

-Elder Bailey


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