25. Mountain Hiking and City Biking – 5 Mar 12

Hello my dearest family!

Wow this week was rough! I got super sick the beginning of the week and at first just thought I would ride it out. But then it just got worse and worse and I could barely ride my bike straight, so we went to the doctor and I had a super bad sinus infection. Doctors are kind of intense in Taiwan. They never tell you whats wrong. They just give you medicine and tell you to leave. The doctor couldn’t believe I wanted to know all the details and it was kind of funny! Anyways I am a ton better now! Still have a runny nose and a cough but am much better.

This morning we went with our district to hike Dakeng Shan (Dakeng mountain). It was super beautiful and we all got sunburned! It was super fun and there were some beautiful views! The Taiwanese version of hiking is very different than that of America. They pave the paths and at the beginning parts have all these little stores and markets on the side. As we got up higher it turned real. We also found these gymnastic rings at the top of the mountain, so me and elder Bently played on them for a bit!

I have really come to see the value of prayer (Moroni 7:48)! Lately we have been teaching Chen Jun Hong. And despite not meeting, he is doing really good! Here is an experience from this week I shared with our mission president:
At church Chen Jun Hong was telling me that they talked about not drinking tea and alcohol in the gospel principles class (we had a meeting with our ward missionaries so we weren’t with him). After he got done telling me that, he went on to tell me how after the family night at one of our members house, he heard Su Hong Sheng bear his testimony about quitting drinking and smoking and from that day on prayed and read the Book of Mormon and hadn’t drank or smoked since. What made it even better was he hasn’t even been taught the Word of Wisdom yet. He went on to tell me all the promised blessings of the Word of Wisdom from things that had gotten better in his life! It was great to see that progression miracle!

Something you need to know about Chen Jun Hong, is he has been an alcoholic and chain smoker for many years! When we met him he barely could pass a day staying sober. He is now always full of life when we call him and sharing his experiences with prayer and its power to help him overcome some very strong addictions in his life!

I also had a really neat experience this week, after church I was making plans with our 1st counselor when I noticed someone watching me really closely out of the corner of my eye. We have the English branch after us so there are some Americans that come. As I was talking with our counselor I noticed this white guy standing really close trying to hear what we were saying. A second later he taps me on the shoulder and was like, “Hey, I thought you looked familiar, how have you been!” It was one of my classmates from my Chinese class up at Utah State. He had come to Taizhong for a study abroad and attended the English branch there! What was even more amazing was I noticed the true gift of tongues. Where we had both started Chinese at the same time yet there was a difference in our proficiency! It really made me take a step back and realize how rapidly and easily I have learned Chinese. I can nearly communicate with just about anyone here and I can understand most of what people say now! It amazed me at this blessing the Lord has given me!

Well, I love you all and I wish you the best of week!

Your brother, son, and friend,
Elder Bailey


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