24. Dakeng and Confidence – 27 Feb 12

My dearest family!

I wanted to write you a quick email and remind each of you how much I love you! Life is most remarkable as a missionary. This is so difficult at times but also the most rewarding! I wouldn’t change being a missionary for anything in the world! Serving others is truly the fastest and most fulfilling way to happiness in this life.

This past movecall I have learned a lot about confidence in the Lord. We teach an English class every Wednesday night. It is free and we use it as a finding tool. Or that is how it should be. Lately English classes around the mission have dwindled in attendance. When I came out to Dakeng we had an average of 3 other people attending. I was also surprised to learn that they called me as English leader over 6 missionaries. I remember that first week thinking, I have no idea how to lead an English program, especially one that is struggling such as ours! As they asked me to stand and lead our English meeting, I remembered a quote from Elder Bednar, “Confidence comes from constantly being placed in situations where we are consistently clueless.” I recalled in that moment as a stood to direct the meeting, I couldn’t have been more clueless. I had no idea what I was going to say! As I stood, I had a prayer in my heart asking the Lord, “What do I tell these missionaries?” The first words out of my mouth truly came from inspiration on high and I simply said, “I would like to set some goals for our English class for this movecall.” (movecall is every 6 weeks) We then set a goal of having an average of 15 people attend our English class, adding 3 investigators from class, and seeing 1 baptism from English. These goals were met with some resistance and doubt from a number of our missionaries. However we all agreed to shoot for them.

So that was 6 weeks ago. Last Wednesday we had 26 people attend our Valentine’s Day party. We have added 13 people as investigators in those short six weeks and we have 1 person planned to be baptized in 3 weeks from our English class. I want to testify that as we turn our actions to the Lord, He leads them and directs them. As we planned specifically to share the gospel, the Lord gave each of us 6 missionaries revelation and as we began to see success. We saw a fire ignite in the members in our area and the missionaries teaching our English class. I have truly found that as we rely on the Lord as Alma does in Alma 26, we find in the strength of the Lord we can do all things! (Here is a picture of Wednesday at our English class spiritual share where we are singing ‘love songs’ about the Savior!)

Here is a little snippet about our investigators:

Chen Jun Hong: He met with us 3 times in this past week and was sober for all of those times. He really sees the value of the gospel in his life. He has a large desire to change and has set a baptismal goal for 3/17/12. He came to a family home evening and after it he called the member and told him he wanted to get baptized the next day! We are excited to help him continue to progress and have spiritual experiences! One of his biggest needs right now is recognizing the answers to his prayers.

Su Yao Dong: He is a former investigator who’s parents are getting sealed next month. After a very spiritual lesson he accepted a week B goal with in invitation to do a very sincere special prayer to know if it was all true. He said if he felt the feelings in Helaman 5:30, he would definitely be baptized this Saturday on the 3rd. We are going to follow up with him tonight and find out how is answer went and get him into a second interview this week.

I love you all so much! Keep smiling, keep praying!

-Elder Bailey


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