23. Hao jiu bu jian – 20 Feb 12

Hello my dearest family! It was great to get some packages and letters from you this week! I love having some tangible letters that I can read every once in a while!

Well this week was wonderful out here in Dakeng, Taiwan. Although it was great, it was not devoid of it’s challenges and tough times. This week we had a tough time getting people to actually come. A lot of people told us they would show up and we would bike over to the church only to wait for no one to show up. We face these kinds of rejections as a normal occurrence for us missionaries.

I have found being a missionary really teaches you to have mental toughness! If we don’t know what we stand for, even for one second, we will succumb to the power of the devil and he is desiring to grab us! Make sure you know the implications of all your actions and are actively working towards a good cause, for as we do, we can truly overcome the trials in our lives.

Lately I have been memorizing scriptures and recently I memorized Helaman 5:12. I have come to live by the promise in the end of that scripture: “[Christ]…a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.” As we build our lives around the teachings of the Savior Jesus Christ as found in the scriptures (3 Nephi chapters 11-28) we will overcome these trials in our lives!

Well I have to get going but here is a quick update on some of our investigators:

Huang Long Xiang – is a former investigator we found from the area book. H said he just changed jobs and has more time to meet and would love to study the gospel. This week we are set up to meet with him and get him on a progressing track towards baptism.

Chen Jun Hong – has great desire to change and when he sets up on the phone is always sober but as we meet he is drunken and very difficult to legitimately teach. We are working with some of our members who have a great testimony of the Word of Wisdom to help him over come this challenge.

Lin Zi Jie – Lin Dx is divorced with a 3 year old son. Our big goal is to get him meeting with us other places than the river and coming to church. He reads the Book of Mormon and loves it, just he has a hard time meeting with his work.

Remember I love each of you with all of my heart!

Here are some pictures from our zone activity today at a fun burger place called “Feed Me”. The top of the building picture is titled, “Oh, that I were an angel” 😀

– Elder Bailey


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