22. Happy Valentines Day – 13 Feb 12

Hello my dearest family!

It seems these weeks FLY by! One day I’m writing you an email the next day I’m at church again and then I’m back writing my family another email! Our time is so precious! How we use each moments will eventually determine our eternal standing! Use your time most wisely!

It has been fun to get all the little updates from everyone! I love all your emails! Please keep them coming! If due to lack of time I don’t send lengthy responses, please know I am still most grateful and I love to hear all the little things that you are up to!

This week was POWER WEEK! It is a little intense. This week we leave the door early and we get hardly any time to eat and we cut out language study. So we have a ton more time than we normally have! What made power week even more interesting this week was the whole first part of the week it rained non-stop! There is a joke among missionaries that missionaries stand among marines (they are a lot more intense than us, so not to offend any marines out there) but even in typhoons, rainstorms, and floods we missionaries keep going. During rainstorms we have some of the most success, there is a pity factor about people seeing 19-year-old Americans drenched to the bone biking around with grins on their faces trying to speak Chinese! It’s the best! Anyways, we saw some great results from our efforts this week and have some good investigators:

Su Yao Dong – He is a member referral and is the son of a member that will be getting sealed in the temple next month! We have met with him a couple of times and he actually has a great desire to learn about the gospel. The problem is he has a hard time getting out of bed and getting to church. He has already passed a baptismal interview, however he will need a second interview so we are helping him prepare for that and helping him set plans to achieve his goals of changing his life!

Huang Jun Rong – Huang Dx was a referral that is progressing great. He has been to church once and surprisingly he didn’t come to church yesterday. He confirmed multiple times with us and his member friends. We are going to go find him today. As we have taught him the plan of salvation, our teaching really has had more meaning and he understands the why of the gospel and desires the promised blessings to reach the celestial kingdom with his family! We are trying to get him to really understand his relationship with Heavenly Father and pray with more real intent. Please pray for these dear people! They mean the world to me and they need the extra blessings to beat the influence of the adversary!

This week I was able to buy a Garmin GPS to supplement our spiritual GPSs that we missionaries are equipped with! You guys would really laugh at my bike! I laugh at it sometimes, as I think that I went from racing on a 14 pound carbon fiber road bike to now having a 40-pound monster with every accessory in the book attached to it. I often think about the concept of consecration. As we take our efforts and our abilities and turn them over to the Lord, He changes them into what He needs them to become. I could still be a missionary on a road bike in Taiwan, however I wouldn’t be doing what the Lord needs as I’ve taken my passion for bikes and allowed my mission to shape the needs of my bike, my time, my attitude. Every little thing we do is taken into consideration by the Lord. We are to take our talents our passions and through revelation and thoughtful pondering, we are more able to bless the lives of others!

I want to challenge you to take a moment today and think about how you could use one of your talents to bless someone else’s life this week. Once you have thought of a way, stop just thinking about it and then go DO IT!

I love you all with all of my heart! Keep smiling and remember all things are possible through prayer!

-Elder Bailey

PS: Me and Elder Jackson love to run stairs in the morning for exercise. So this is the view from the 30th floor of our apartment building!


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