21. Meiyou renhe chenggong buneng mibu jiating de fubai! – 6 Feb 12

My dear family!

I am sorry, I am actually out of time to keep emailing, but I want you to know I love each of you so so much!

Quickly I wanted to share a sacred moment with you at Zhuang Bei Bei’s house (Bei Bei is a title for an old man over 80). He is a less-active member whose wife died last month. We have had the privilege of occasionally meeting with him at his home. It has turned into one of the more sacred experiences I have had on my mission. As he told us he just wanted to hear about the plan of salvation, I could feel this old man’s burning desire to be with his wife for eternity. As he said the closing prayer to one of our lessons, his prayer just touched my heart! He began to sob as he said, “Father I miss my dear wife. I am so lonely. Give me peace that I can endure to the end till the time I can join her in your kingdom.” It brought tears to my eyes to hear this little 88-year-old man speak such a faithful prayer.

We can all learn from the example of Zhuang Bei Bei. Even in our greatest sorrows, in our darkest hours, there is a light. It is our Savior and His gospel. As we work everyday to endure to the end, the day will come where we can stand by our loved ones side — for eternity!

My dear family, I love you with all of my heart! Our family is precious! Protect it with all your might! Make it a goal everyday to battle Satan and keep our family relationships prepared to last into the eternities!


Elder Bailey

– These are some fun pictures of playing basketball with the Beitun elders and our ward and the chidaobao (all you can eat place) from last week!


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