20. Zhu nimen quaile pingan! – 30 Jan 12

Hello my dearest family!

I don’t have a lot of time because we are about to head out to a zone activity where we are all going to eat at what is called a chidaobao (basically translated means “eat till you are full”), but they are these SUPER gourmet all you can eat buffets! They are really nice. It is kind of funny because that’s what all the city missionaries do for fun on P-Day because they don’t have all the beautiful places to go like we did in Mingjian. Anyways, I hope I don’t get fat now being out here in the city!

Well, I included some more city pictures of right next to where we live, and some pictures of a miao. If you zoom in you can see a bunch of people “baibai“-ing that is how they worship idols and the gods of Buddhism and Daoism. They grab these little sticks and do a bunch of bows towards whatever they are worshipping. That is something very difficult we always have to overcome with people when we teach them the 10 commandments!

Anyways, I never told you much about Elder Jackson! He is an absolute stallion of a missionary. It is really funny we got put together because he is very quiet. And you all know me I never shut up! So I have been learning a lot about listening and taking a moment to gather my thoughts. He is a little shy and sometimes doesn’t say very much, but when he does say stuff you listen up because it is usually very intelligent and important! He is from Washington state and he is really funny! His dream in life is to be a lumberjack. He loves nature and mountaineering. When he told me that he was like it is my dream but I have parental fandui (fandui is where family opposes very strongly of something). Anyways he’s a great guy! Sometimes I have to be creative about asking him questions to get him to say things, otherwise he just bottles up all his wisdom and just keeps it to himself. He has been out about 9 months, and spent all of his time in Taizhong mostly and 1 or 2 other big cities!

Well I’m doing well! Thank you for your prayers and continued support! I would like to hear from Dad soon! Its been a while!

Love you all,

Elder Bailey


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