19. Guonian Kuaile!!!! Happy Chinese New Years! – 23 Jan 12

Well, in case you didn’t know today is guonian or Chinese New Years! I must say this is a lot bigger than our Christmas and New Year all put together! It has been really fun to be here for this holiday! We are getting qingke all over the place (that is basically being treated to dinner). However, since we are in a nicer area of Taiwan, we are getting some very fancy, ritzy dinners! Last night we went to the Su family’s in our ward and we had what is translated as “hot pot”. It is so delicious. It is a ton of meat and vegetables stuck in a pot of boiling broth on the table and you all just pull stuff out of it and keep eating it. You can see a picture of us sitting with Su Yao Dong (the Su family’s son who is an investigator) and us after dinner!

Today we got invited to a special lunch from a former missionary and his mom. They are very, very, very well off. They started one of the most successful computer companies in Taiwan and they invited all of their relatives from Beijing over. It was also very special because they invited President Bishop as well. So a good portion of our P-Day afternoon was spent eating and getting to talk about their culture and share the gospel with them. There is a picture of me and Joe Dx after the dinner. He is in the yellow shirt.

The city is gorgeous! I love it! I included a picture of some of the buildings close to where we live (those are some of the shorter buildings). However, proselyting here has been so different!  The people are much faster paced! We have on average 45 seconds with them before a light changes colors compared to the 5+ minutes we had in Mingjian. I have learned to talk really fast Chinese! 😀 We always pull up on our bikes next to someone on a moped at a stoplight and use those 45 seconds to find out:

  1. who they are
  2. where they live
  3. introduce the restoration
  4. ask them to exchange information
  5. send them on their way

It’s actually been quite a rush!

Our Dakeng Ward is great! The missionary work has been going really slow here lately, but we are making some big changes getting excited to be teaching a lot more investigators out here and having them be enveloped by the ward! It is just way fun to see an established ward! I really can see a huge difference from coming from a tiny branch in the jungle!

Our district is tons of fun! This morning we went to breakfast with Elder Chu and Elder Walker (it is weird to be so close to other missionaries). We also have some awesome sisters so we don’t teach any of the women anymore! Our district was asked to sing at the mission conference tomorrow so we have been practicing “I Believe in Christ” lately!

Well, lastly I thought I would tell you how much I cannot wait to come back to Taiwan and ride the streets of Taiwan on my road bike during rush hour traffic! It is the rush of a lifetime! Scarier than anything but so fun! There are cars everywhere and any little space there are scooters winding in and out trying to get places as quick as they can. You just pedal for your life and go with the flow and try not to get side swiped by a car! Oh I love it!

Anyways that’s all I have time for! Ask Richard to teach you about Chinese New Year! It is actually really fascinating! I love you all a ton!

– Elder Bailey


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