18. Big Changes – 16 Jan 12

I am a little heartbroken, but super excited!  I knew this day would come, but I truly dreaded it! After four and a half months in Mingjian, I was transferred.  It makes me laugh a little bit. President Bishop must have a sense of humor with move call.  He took me from the most middle of nowhere place in Taiwan, and put me downtown in the 3rd biggest city in Taiwan.  I was moved this morning to Dakeng, Taizhong.  So I am right in the heart of downtown Taizhong.  I went from being in the jungle to the city jungle.  We are surrounded by 20-30 story buildings EVERYWHERE!  Oh my, this is going to be fun getting used to!

My new companion is Elder Jackson!  He is a stud and, funny enough, is the first exchange I ever had in Taiwan!  So I got to serve with him for a day once before!  He is from Everett, Washington and is my new senior companion.  He has been out for just under a year and is a great guy!  He is a little quiet, but I’m excited for him to teach me a new type of missionary work.  In Mingjian we had to go search for people and here there are people EVERYWHERE!  I’m pretty excited!

The heartbreak comes from being torn away from Mingjian at a special time!  Zeng Wei Jia passed his baptismal interview this week and is rock solid!  He could even be a future missionary!  He is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday, but sadly I will be in Taizhong and won’t be able to see it!  However, I will keep writing him and we will keep him improving and being awesome!

I included some pictures from the last moments in Shueli, and that is of Zeng Wei Jia break dancing for us (he is really good). The family is one of my english families that was having separation anxiety. Last night they insisted they bring us dinner at the church and all these good-bye gifts. Haha that family is the Chen family and they love us missionaries and English, but are slowly receiving the gospel!

Well I have to go but I love you all!

– Elder Bailey


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