17. Wo Ai Nimen (I love you all!) – 9 Jan 12

Ni hao!

I hope you are all doing super wonderful! Today I don’t have lots of time and I included a longer voice recording that you can listen to that tells a great story about Liu Jin Feng!

Lately our investigators have been doing pretty well!

Zeng Wei Jia, he is so great, however he kind of forgot he couldn’t drink tea and drank tea the morning of his interview. He was really bummed but is committed to being baptized this month so we are going to have to have another interview with him at the end of the week! He really is such a stud and I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to be teaching him!

The pictures I included are of the sand sculpting festival in Nantou. We went there last week with Chen Huizhang. It was remarkable how they were doing all of that out of just plain sand! They have a big party for guonian (Chinese New Year) and that is one of the main attractions for it!

I had the awesome opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Farr. He is from Pleasant View, Utah! He is one of the most remarkable men I have ever met! We had one of the best exchanges, and we have both become really good friends! He is my zone leader but I think I could also say he has become one of my best friends! It is as if we are twins. We have a ton of the same interests and a lot of very similar goals and ambitions for life! It is interesting how the Lord sends you half way around the world to meet a lifelong friend that you previously lived so close to!
Something I really learned from him was a motto he had on his wall, “Show not Tell”. It really caused me to ponder what do I hope I show others through my actions! Sometimes I think we forget the impact we have on others simply from the way we live our lives! I want to invite each of you to work on showing your faith and not just telling!

Family, I love you all so much! You each mean the world to me! What is Jessika and Erika up to? I havent heard from them in a while!

– Elder Bailey


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