14. Merry Christmas – 19 Dec 11

Wow, Christmas is upon us! This week on the 22nd we have a super fun activity for all of the missionaries! Our whole mission will be going to Sun Moon Lake and we get to go to an all-you-can-eat steak house in Taizhong that night! Oh I am so excited! It will be fun to catch up with all the other missionaries!

Here are some things about my investigators, I had to cut and paste from my presidents letter because my time is about to kick me off:

Zeng Wei Jia is still doing really good! He is reading everyday and still truly improving! Sadly he did not come to church when he said he would, but we are going to find him tomorrow and see what happened! He was one of our miracles for the week. We had tried all morning to get ahold of Zeng Wei Jia, but had no success. Later in the day we got lost in some of the pineapple fields after coming back from meeting with an investigator. We finally got back onto a road that I was familiar with and we were heading back towards Mingjian when I saw a random side road. The most subtle thought told me, “turn right”. I really did not want to get us lost again, yet I just did it and turned out right. About 30 seconds down this road, we see a motor scooter turn onto the road and it just happens to be Zeng Wei Jia. He had decided that day to take a shortcut on his way to Nantou by driving through the middle of nowhere in a bunch of banana and pineapple fields! The Lord truly guides this work!

Sadly Rao Jiating were not able to attend church in Taipei. We gave them the number of the mission office in Taipei, but they called in the morning when nobody was there, so they couldn’t find a meeting time. However, we have a meeting with them tonight to re-evaluate their goal cause they now can’t be baptized on the 31st. Rao Dx has such a large desire to be baptized. Lately it has been Rao Jm who has been holding back. She has a lot of friends’ influence and hasn’t been wanting to pray. So we are working to overcome that.

Liu Jin Feng is doing much better healthwise. He said his stomach is still pretty bad but has improved a lot. Sadly he smoked the morning of his interview and Elder Farr said we should postpone his baptism a week. We are looking to do another interview with him next Saturday and get him set up for the 31st. We love him with all of our heart! He is such a special man!

Our investigators are all we think about 24/7! Lately I have come to see my mission has taught me to love people. I don’t think I knew how to love before my mission. Love comes through service, thought, and a true concern for others! Please pray for these dear people! They are special!

I was super excited to hear from one of my best friends, Austin Clark, this week! Mom forwarded me his email. He touched on some things I have been thinking about a lot. He discussed how true happiness comes through the gospel. I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately. Often times when people see us foreigners they will jokingly say, shengdanjie kuaile, which literally translated is Christmas happy. Though they do not celebrate Christmas, I have come to see how true that statement is! That happiness ought to always be associated with Christ! He is our Savior and has fulfilled a plan that includes eternal happiness. This week in preparation for Christmas, I urge you all to search for those things that bring true happiness and anchor your lives to them!

In closing I truly would like to testify of our Savior, Jesus Christ! My dear family, I want there to be no doubt in your minds that I know our Savior lives! I testify of his countless tender mercies in our lives! I testify that as you draw near unto Him, He will draw near unto you!

I love you all! Merry Christmas!

– Elder Bailey


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