13. The Chill of December – 12 Dec 11

Wow, something no one ever bothered to tell me was how cold it gets in Taiwan! haha Everyone emphasizes how hot it is in the summer and that is true, but they forget to tell you how cold it gets in the winter, especially in the mountains of Mingjian! I am going out to buy a coat today because I havent had one for 2 weeks and I need to get one before I get sick! The humidity just makes the cold soak into your bones!

Anyways, we have had a lot of clear beautiful days out here in mingjian! Me and Elder George are getting adjusted to working together and each day improving our unity! As I said, he is from Maine, he is really big into computers, and he does a lot of computer programming and video game type stuff. We are very different but learning a lot from each others different perspectives!

Lately I have really been studying the principle of faith to help the Rao Jiating improve. We ran into a road block with them this week. One of the winners of the French Open is coming out to Taipei to coach their superstar son on the 24th (their baptismal date), so that is a setback. Right now we are really trying to get them to have the faith to take the next step! They beleive all the doctrine is true, they love the church they just need to begin taking the bigger steps to being an eternal family. As I studied for them I was often reminded of Jesus Christ’s promise in John 14 (I will not leave you comfortless!) We are given that promise of when we have faith, Christ will stand by us and comfort us! We are sriving to help them realize this comfort that can be in their life!

I am super excited to call home on Christmas at 6:15am our time! It is really different to not have tons of Christmas influence here. The other night I saw some Catholics at a night market playing Christmas music at a booth and that was the first hint of Christmas I have seen. It is good to keep the spirit of the season in our hearts! Make all we can out of it!

I love you all! I sent a recording that me and Elder Petters did on one of our last nights together. Not perfect, but a fun little present for you! 😀

I’m praying for you all, and though missionary work is tough, I am more happy then ever!

-Elder Bailey


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