12. Big Changes, Cold, and Success – 6 Dec 11

Wow, where to even start! So much happened this week! I got hit with all types of emotions this week. At church we had our record high of attendance of 32! Mainly because we had 3 families come yesterday! We were really excited to see a big payoff! We had been using a new technique to track people and get them to church!

Rao Dx and Jm both came to church today! It was really great because they weren’t originally planning on coming, but they called us Friday night and invited us to come eat at their house on Saturday night. So we did and it was really good to talk with them. They told us they changed their mind and that they would come to church and they did! It was so good to see them there and progressing. When we ate dinner at their house, I definitely had a great experience when they offered us some boiled chicken feet for dinner. It was kinda weird but definitely a new experience! The picture I included is of me, Elder Petters and the Raos.

So this morning I had a big change! Elder Petters was called to be a Zone Leader and got moved to Zhonghua. It was really hard to have him go. We spent Saturday and Sunday finishing up our last week, had our great and successful day at church, and then ate at Chen Huizhang’s (President Chen’s)house for dinner Sunday night. Elder Petters was my best friend! We really became really close the past 3 months! It was hard to see him go! My new companion is Elder George from Maine! He just transferred from the mission office where he was programming some stuff for our mission. He is really good with computer stuff! He is a great guy, but does missionary work a lot different than Elder Petters so it will take some getting used to! I kinda feel like half of me got torn away…yet this is part of missionary work, learning to adjust to big changes!

One of the last lessons Elder Petters taught me before he left was about accountability. Something we discuss quite often with our investigators is, “Do your actions represent your desires?” Oftentimes people tell us they really want the promised blessings, yet they aren’t reading, praying, keeping the commandments or coming to church. We must be accountable to ourselves and others to obtain the desires of our hearts. I want to give each of you a challenge to take a second and look at your goals, look at your desires and look at if the actions you are doing each day are leading you towards those goals and desires.

When we went and ate at Chen Huizhang’s house, they had us eat this thing called “miracle berries”. You would suck on them and then everything you ate after that for the next 5 minutes would be sweet. It was really cool. The coolest is doing it with sweet, sour or bitter things! Anyways, I really realized this miracle berry was very similar with the gospel and the Book of Mormon. How everything can be going good and we think it is just fine how things are. Until we add this miracle berry and it just becomes better, becomes sweeter!

My dear family, I love you with all of my heart! I hope you keep doing well! Thanks for all the updates and words of encouragement!

– Elder Bailey



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