10. I am thankful for YOU! – 21 Nov 11


Ahhh, on a day I want to go on and on and on about how grateful I am for my family and how much I love you, I have absolutely no time. Today we went into Taizhong to a big hospital. Elder Petters has been a little sick and had to take some tests. That took out most of our day and we just got back, and we have to catch a train soon now!

Anyways, it is a little weird being in a foreign country for a holiday that I am so used to that they do not actually celebrate. While there is no outward expressions of Thanksgiving, us missionaries feel most grateful in our hearts! I have come to see the relevance of the gospel in mine and everyone of our lives and am most grateful. We often see people experiencing some of the greatest trials ever and Elder Petters and I always remark to each other, “Elder, they need the gospel.” How true it is. We all need this beautiful gospel that can bless us each so, so much! It is for this blessing I am most grateful at Thanksgiving time! A gospel that unites my family for eternity, an opportunity to have a fresh start, and a book that guides me when I feel alone and forgotten!

Lately we have had a little bit of a trial with church attendance in Mingjian. I have come to find that trials are given to us to become better people than we currently are. I have found as we take a step back from trials in our life, we ought to be most grateful! Truly trials are building blocks of success!

This week Rao Jm asked us a good question. She looked at us and wanted to know how to make her prayers more meaningful. As we studied for her, we found it is through recognizing the spirit that helps prayers become a guiding building force in our lives. I am reminded of a story an apostle told about an old crystal radio set that was very hard to tune to the right channel. He said something quite interesting and profound, “The signal was always there sometimes I just wasn’t picking it up.” I give you all an invitation to see how you are currently using the influence of the spirit in your life. What could you do to better pick up his guidance?

Well, that’s all I have time for! I hope it made sense!


-Elder Bailey


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